A pill from poverty
How Vasily Sachevkin became a public procurement champion
in the Vladimir region
A graduate of the Polytechnic University Vladimir Vasily Sochevkin started his career in the 1990s with a small cooperative. Today he is among the top ranks of the "State Order Kings" list of the Vladimir region. The Moscow "patron" — the former head of the Main pharmacy Department of the USSR Health Ministry helped him climb the pedestal.
The cooperator and the pharmacist
"Medilon" started with the production of burn dressings. "We founded a cooperative from scratch in 1992. Took a loan, rented equipment, then took another loan from Apazov to purchase materials and equipment, and all this began to work, brought some profit. However, we couldn't get a license [for production], so we switched to wholesale trade in medicines and gradually began to open pharmacies. So in 1998, in order to attract more working capital and finally get back on our feet, we offered the founders of OAO "Pharmimex" to become our co-founders as well" — this is how Vasily Sachevkin described the history of his company.
Now "Medilon Pharmimex" provides RUB 2.5 bn of revenue per annum. "Medilon" and its related companies operate 136 pharmacies and pharmacy branches — mainly in the Vladimir region. The company is a leader within the public procurement sector in the Vladimir region: only budgetary medical institutions signed contracts with it for 3.8 billion rubles between 2011 and 2018. So all the state contracts for the same period in this company are for about 9 billion rubles.
Alexander Apazov, whom Sachevkin deems his lender and "patron" — the President of one of Russia's largest distributors of "Farmimeks." The main shareholder of ZAO "NPKF Pharmimex" owns 92.5% "Medilon Pharmimex," the share of the founder Sochivkin in his firm is 7.5%.

"Pharmimex" was created out of the debris of the Main pharmacy Department of the USSR Health Ministry, which was headed by Apazov. In the course of market reforms, the Department lost its assets — pharmacies and warehouses became independent, but the office, employees and "almost all our partners" remained," Apazov said. "The central pharmacy Department was engaged in the distribution of funds, the purchase of medicines, — he explained. — On that money USSR imported drugs for four billion... we had contracts with both domestic producers and with leading foreign firms. Until 1997, we held 60% of the market, that means that 60% of imported and domestic drugs passed through Pharmimex."

"Pharmimex" is a family business of the Apazov family. The Board of Directors includes Alexander Apazov himself, his wife Tatiana Apazova and daughter Inga Nizharadze.
Sole supplier
Data on public procurement "Medilon Pharmimex" is available since 2010. Its clients are regional health departments and hospitals. According to "SPARK Marketing", the company receives more than 80% of contracts without competition due to being the only bidder.

The chief physician of the Vladimir city hospital №4, which since 2011 has concluded more than 800 contracts with "Medilon Pharmimex," Vladimir Savinov explains that the competition can take up to 2.5 months and the hospital prefers to reach agreements with a single supplier to avoid interruptions in the provision of medicines. It is necessary for such a supplier to possess its own pharmacies or the ability to deliver drugs to the issuing points quickly. According to Savinov, only "Medilon" has its pharmaceutical warehouse and a well-functioning system of drug delivery in Vladimir. Generally, delivery takes up to two days for "Medilon" and up to seven days for other companies with warehouses in other cities.

An employee of the Vladimir city hospital №5, which has more than 600 contracts with "Medilon Pharmimex," said that the agreement with the only supplier could be concluded if the amount fell within 100 thousand rubles. The supplier is selected based on the price requested from at least five companies.
The accounts chamber of the Vladimir region indicates that the regional Department of health "unevenly" allocates money for the purchase of medicines, "it does not allow health care institutions to plan costs effectively" and "forces to purchase from a single supplier without competitive procedures".
In 2014, several major distributors, in particular, "R-Pharm", entered the Vladimir market of medicines for state institutions. Competition at the auction led to a decrease in prices, up to 80–90% reduction. Large suppliers were willing to sell the goods at a loss, to not to give in the buyer to a competitor. Due to this, for example, zoledronic acid from "Medilon Pharmimex" went to the Vladimir regional clinical hospital for 34 thousand rubles at an initial price of 238 thousand rubles. "R-Pharm" offered 43 thousand rubles. The company refused to comment on its work in the market of the Vladimir region.
Sibling rivalry
In some cases, "Medilon Pharmimex" is competing on tenders with friendly companies. For example, with "Salyus," which is a major supplier of medicines, and has won state orders for 2.8 billion. Founder and CEO — Natalia Sachevkina. "Salyus" was registered in 2014 in Vladimir at the same address as "Medilon Pharmimex." Sachevkina was also listed as a co-owner of the Kostroma company "Aptechnaya set Apteka Chizhova," the founder of which was "Medilon Pharmimex." We failed to contact Natalia and got a reply from her company that she was on a business trip.
Since 2014, "Medilon" and "Salyus" participated in the Vladimir auctions for almost 337 million rubles. In all cases, "Salyus" bid with the same price the customer designated as the maximum, after which "Medilon" was reducing the bid by several thousand rubles and getting the state order.
In the same way, the Vladimir company "Roza Farm" participated in the auction with "Medilon". Galina Vinogradova was its owner and founder, who used to be the Director and co-owner of the company "Test," which, in turn, was headed by former co-owner of "Medilon Pharmimex" Oleg Kruglov. Now "Roza Farm" belongs to Irina Kruglova. The current Director of "Roza Farm," Marina Ustinova, was in charge of the "SP" firm, co-founder of which was "Medilon." "Medilon," "Roza Farm" and "Test" in "SPARK-Interfax" are listed with the same phone number. We called this number and were told that it had nothing to do with "Roza Farm."

"Roza Farm" as "Salyus," participated in the auction with the "Medilon," bidding the customer's price. "Medilon" won on that more than 23 million rubles.

In the auction for another 15 million rubles, "Medilon" competed with "Farmacia," which manages "Medilon" pharmacies in the city of Gus-Khrustalny.

"7x7" counted in the Vladimir region of almost 400 million rubles of such friendly biddings. We can find them in other areas as well.

Management of Antimonopoly Service across the Vladimir region reported that they don't take into account circumstances of participation in auctions of the companies with the same founders or relatives and don't conduct such statistics. The office dealt with complaints about these medicine supplies auctions, but only related to tender documents, which, in the opinion of participants, limited competition. Ministry believes that pharmaceutical products supply market is "supposedly competitive" and doesn't know how shares distribute among the companies.

"Medilon Pharmimex" did not respond to a written request from 7x7.
"State Order Kings". Vladimir region
How the ranking was made

The initial sample frame of companies was done with "SPARK-Marketing" database and included all companies, which between January 1st, 2011 and October 28th, 2018 have made 94/44-F3 contracts in that region worth over 300 million rubles. Then, the government and municipal companies were removed from the list, as well as the companies which 94/44-F3 contracts made less than a half of the sum of their total contracts (94/44-F3 and 223-F3) in that region; the companies which were in fact just branches of the major regional companies were removed as well. The remaining companies had their owners identified with the help of both "Kontur. Fokus" and "SPARK-Interfax" databases. The companies with common owners were added to a common cluster and their contracts summed, after that the ranking was ordered by the owner. In the cases where the owner was unable to identify (which mostly took place in cases with ZAO), as an exception, a general director's name was written in the "Owner" field (all such cases are specified separately).
1st place
2nd place
3d place
4th place
5th place
6th place
7th place
8th place
9th place
10th place
Vasily Sachevkin
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
3.7 billion rubles
Medilon Farmimex
Vasily Sachevkin, 52, is the founder of Medilon-Farmimex, which sells medicines to medical institutions. In 1992, Sachevkin organized a co-operative "Medilon" for the production of anti-burn dressings. In 1998, "Medilon" became part of the pharmaceutical holding "Farmimex", the heir to the main pharmacy department of the USSR, and began supplying medicines to hospitals and clinics in the Vladimir region. Now Vasily Sachevkin owns 7.5% of "Medilon Farmimex".

Now Vasily Sachevkin owns 7.5% of "Medilon Farmimex".92.5% of the company is owned by the Research, Manufacturing and Commercial Company "Pharmaceutical Import and Export" (the controlling shareholder of "Farmimex"). The company received the largest contract from the health department of the administration of the Vladimir region in 2014 for the supply of drugs for 331 million rubles. The total amount of government contracts in 2011–2018 is 9 billion rubles. Revenue for 2017 — 2.5 billion rubles.
Alexander Filippov
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
2.8 billion rubles
PJSC "Vladimirenergosbyt"
Alexander Filippov was born in 1976 in Kovrov, Vladimir region. He graduated from Armstrong University in the USA with a degree in Finance and Vladimir State University with a degree in Management. From 2005 to 2011, he was a deputy to the City Council of Vladimir — held the position of deputy chairman of the budget and tax policy committee.

In 2012, Filippov headed the Vladimir Regional Political Council of the Civic Platform party of Mikhail Prokhorov, and in 2013 announced that he was participating in the election of the governor of the region. Filippov was not allowed to take part in the elections; a criminal case was opened against him. He was accused of fraud and theft of another's property, in particular — overstating tariffs for heat, the withdrawal of company funds through offshore companies. In 2016, Filippov was sentenced to four years in a penal colony. In mid-March 2019, a businessman was released for parole.

Despite all these troubles, Filippov, most likely, retained control over the "Vladimirenergosbyt" business. According to the company's report for the first half of 2018 (the last available), as well as in a similar report for the first half of 2014, the ultimate controlling organization of the company is LLC "Energoresurs". This company, in turn, is controlled by two Cypriot firms — Inoltre Investments and Gardellinora Investment, and this ownership structure was formed in 2013–2015, when Filippov was free and the general director of "Energoresurs". According to the extract from the Cyprus registry, Gardellinora belongs to Olga Filippova (wife of a businessman has the same name).

But the business of "Vladimirenergosbyt" was shaken. In the IFRS report for the first half of 2018, the company says that until mid-2017, its main business was the purchase of electricity on the wholesale market and its retail sale in the Vladimir region. But in June 2017, it was deprived of the status of a wholesale market entity, and from July 1, another company received the status of a guaranteeing supplier of the Vladimir region. Therefore, from this date, the company's main business is the production of steam and hot water.

The consequences of this are visible in the Russian statements of "Vladimirenergosbyt" for 2017 (the last available annual): the company's revenue fell almost three times — from 11.7 billion rubles in 2016 to 6.4 billion rubles in 2017. Accounts payable and short-term loans amounted to 2.4 billion rubles, while accounts receivable — 1.6 billion rubles. Since November 2018, "Vladimirenergosbyt" becomes bankrupt.
Vadim Ermolov, Svetlana Andrianova
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
2.7 billion rubles
Vladimir Construction Company (VCC), VladSK
Vadim Ermolov — the owner of the Vladimir company for the construction of roads VCC, which has state contracts worth 1.4 billion rubles. Svetlana Andrianova is listed as the owner of VladSK company in Vladimir, which has contracts worth 1.3 billion rubles. These companies have the same CEO Alexey Shcherbakov: he has been working in VCC since May 2011, and in "VladSK" since February 2015. Companies have the same address: 600020, Vladimir region, Vladimir, st. Bolshaya Nizhegorodskaya, d. 34B office 405, and the same telephone numbers.

In this case, VCC and "VladSK" are found at tenders. For example, "VladSK" won its largest contract of 20 million rubles on the maintenance of roads from Vladuprador in 2018 from VCC. Revenue of "VladSK" in 2017 — 578 million rubles.

The largest contract of VSK — 24 million rubles — was concluded in 2016 with the administration of Vladimir for the repair of roads. Revenue for 2017 — 29 million rubles.
Denis Presnov
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
2.3 billion rubles
RCC "Trassa", CC "Trassa", "Magistral"
Denis Presnov is the only owner of two Vladimir companies: RCC "Trassa" and CC "Trassa" in Vladimir. Both companies are repairing regional roads. Presnov was also the founder of the Magistral road company. In November 2017, the company was re-registered on Nikita Gonzhalenko, but the tax service found the founder's data unreliable.

Presnov was ranked third due to contracts of three companies: RCC "Trassa" has a total amount of state contracts in the Vladimir region — 1.1 billion rubles; at CC "Trassa" — 712 million rubles, "Magistral" — 408 million rubles. Total from the budget of the Vladimir region, three listed companies of Presnov received 2.3 billion rubles.

Two other companies of Presnov — "Trassa" and "Stroytrans" — received 252 million rubles of government contracts, and IE Presnov — 178 million rubles.

For all companies, "Vladuprador", subordinated to the Department of Transport of the Vladimir region, became the largest customer. In March 2019, the governor of the region, Vladimir Sipagin, dismissed the head of the department, Alexander Romanenko, for the duration of his official check on the expenditure of budget money for road repairs.

RCC "Trassa" has concluded the largest contract — by 173 million rubles — in 2016 with "Vladuprador" on asphalting of roads. The total amount of government contracts in 2011–2018 is 1.2 billion rubles. The company's revenue for 2017 — 302 million rubles.

The largest contract — 37 million rubles — CC "Trassa" concluded in 2018 with the municipal company "Vladstroyzakazchik" on laying asphalt and installing storm sewers in a new residential neighborhood. The total amount of government contracts in 2011–2018 is 727 million rubles. The company's revenue for 2017 — 203 million rubles.

"Magistral" concluded the largest state contract — by 40 million rubles — in 2016 with Vladuprador. The total amount of government contracts in 2011–2018 is 408 million rubles. The company's revenue for 2017 — 219 million rubles.
Valery Morev
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
1.4 billion rubles
"Glavvladimirstroy", "Steklostroy"
68-year-old Valery Morev is from the city of Gusev, Kaliningrad region. He began his career in 1967: he worked as an electrician, engineer, foreman at a construction site, foreman, senior foreman. In 1987, he became the head of the SMU "Steklostroy", and from 1995 - the general director of the OJSC "Steklostroy". In 1990–2000 he was a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region of three sessions.

Valery Morev owns 70% of the Vladimir construction company "Glavvladimirstroy" and 100% own the construction company "Steklostroy" from Gus-Khrustalny, from which the city administration buys apartments for relocating people from dilapidated and emergency housing, as well as for orphans. In 2011–2018, these two companies received 1.4 billion rubles in state orders in the Vladimir region: "Glavvladimirstroy" — 865 million rubles, and "Steklostroy" — 533 million rubles.

Morev also owns 56.5% of the company "Guszhilstroy", which sells apartments of the city administration Gus-Khrustalny. Since 2011, the company has signed contracts for 210 million rubles.

The largest contract of the company "Glavvladimirstroy" — 455 million rubles — construction of the surgical building of the regional oncologic dispensary in 2012. The revenue of the company "Glavvladimirstroy" in 2017 — 719 thousand rubles. In October 2018, Glavvladimirstroy was liquidated.

The largest contract of "Steklostroy" — 74 million rubles — construction of an apartment building for the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing in 2013. The company's revenue — 239 million rubles. Since February 2019, "Steklostroy" is in the process of liquidation.
Ivan Kudrin, Leonid Dutov
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
1.2 billion rubles
"Medtech", "Medstyle"
Ivan Kudrin and Leonid Dutov are the founders of "Medtech" (33.3% each) and "Medstyle" (84.6% and 7.7%, respectively). These two companies received state orders in the Vladimir region for 1.2 billion rubles: "Medtech" — 894 million rubles, "Medstyle" — 354 million rubles.

Leonid Dutov and the third co-owner of "Medstyle" Marina Taygunova appear as a CEO and co-owner in four other companies — Medica Pro, BMT, Medika-service, X-ray Laboratory, which received medical government orders for almost 680 million rubles.

The largest state contract company Medtech concluded in 2017 with the Central District Directorate of Material and Technical Support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the supply of X-ray diagnostic complex for 16 million rubles. The company's revenue in 2017 — 352 million rubles.

"Medstyle"'s largest contract was the delivery of an X-ray machine for Vladimir Regional Clinical Hospital for 15 million rubles in 2012. Revenue for 2017 — 5 million rubles.
Vyacheslav Trusov, Nelli Mozhaeva
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
1 billion rubles.
"Reality", "SpectrTrade"

46-year-old Moscow resident Vyacheslav Trusov and Nelli Mozhaeva belong to the company "Reality" and "SpectrTrade" (shares — 75% and 25%, respectively). These companies deliver various equipment to hospitals in the Vladimir region — for diagnosing and treating patients, for storing and preparing food, for conditioning, etc. Another firm of Trusov and Mozhaeva — "Spetstekhnika-Vladimir" — is engaged in servicing this equipment. The total amount of contracts of Trusov and Mozhaeva companies exceeds 1.1 billion rubles.

The largest contract "Reality" concluded in 2018 with a hospital in the city of Gus-Khrustalny for the supply of a scanner worth 45 million rubles. The company's revenue in 2017 — 130 million rubles.

"SpectrTrade" concluded the largest contract in the amount of 22 million rubles in 2012 with the hospital №1 of Vladimir for the supply of resuscitation equipment. Revenue for 2017 — 6 million rubles.
Yury Bilyk
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
1 billion rubles
Yury Bilyk was born in 1951 in Ukraine. After graduating from the Polytechnic Institute with a degree in thermal power plants, he was distributed to the city of Raduzhny, Vladimir region, where a military laser testing ground was created. Bilyk began his career as an engineer in the energy service of OKB "Raduga" and later became a director of the Radugaenergo State Unitary Enterprise, later transformed into ZAO "Radugaenergo". In 2013, Bilyk was listed as the owner of 9% of "Radugaenergo" (other shareholders of the company were not disclosed), for 12 years — until 2016 — he was a CEO of the company. In 2000, Bilyk graduated from the Russian Academy of State Service and completed a training course in Sweden under the "Develop Your Firm" program for managers.

"Radugaenergo" serves the communal infrastructure of the city of Raduzhny. On its website, the company offers expertise and telemetry services.

The largest contract the company "Radugaenergo" concluded in 2016 with the municipal housing and communal services of the city of Raduzhny for the supply of heat in the amount of 112 million rubles. The total amount of government contracts in 2011–2018 is 1.7 billion rubles. The company's revenue in 2017 — 632 million rubles.
Khazbi Urumov
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
0.73 billion rubles
The head and founder of the Promstroyinvest Vladimir company is Khazbi Urumov. Since 2010, the company has built social facilities in the Vladimir region: a swimming pool in the Suzdal district, a boarding house in the Selivanovsky district, and a school in the Gus-Khrustalny district. The last contract — the largest in the public history of the company — by 284 million rubles. Revenue in 2017 — 131 million rubles.
Alexander Protopopov
Amount of government orders in the Vladimir region:
0.69 billion rubles
50-year-old Vladimir Alexander Protopopov — founder and CEO of the company "Stroy-Invest".

"Stroy-Invest" builds and repairs social facilities in the region. There are complaints against the quality of the work that sometimes reach the court.

"Stroy-Invest" concluded the largest contract in 2016 for participation in the reconstruction of the natural complex "Patriarshiye gardens" worth 226 million rubles. The company's revenue in 2017 — 127 million rubles.
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