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How VolgaTech president's son got a billion on repairs
in the Mari El Republic
In 15 years, Sergei Romanov of Yoshar-Ola, along with his partners, has turned a small hardware business into a company with annual revenue of 300-500 million rubles. State orders for maintenance and construction became one of the primary sources for their business. Only in Mari El alone and only from state institutions "Stroygrad" has received contracts worth 483 million rubles, and in total - 995 million rubles. Sergei Romanov comes at the 11th place in the "Kings of State Order" local ranking.
How Komsomol was developing
Sergey Romanov, a graduate of Volga State University of Technology (VolgaTech) in Yoshkar-Ola, started his business at the age of 29.

"They started their company, "StroyGrad," in 2002', recalls Sergey's father — Yevgeny Romanov, president of VolgaTech.

According to the "SPARK-Interfax" database, except for Romanov, Jr., there were three other founders: Yaroslav Mikheev, Vladimir Filippov and Yury Emelyanov. "Mikheev is their construction specialist. Filippov is a former Komsomol worker. They worked in the city сommittee together with Emelyanov. Romanov is the youngest," says the head of one of the local construction companies in an interview with "7x7".

Chairman of the Mariysk department of public organization "Vospitanniki Komsomola – Moe Otechestvo" Sergey Shareev recalled that at the end of the 1980-s Emelyanov was heading the financial department of the Yoshkar-Ola AULYCL town committee, the same department where Filippov worked.

The first hardware supplies store "StroyGrad" was opened in Yoshkar-Ola on the city's belt route in 2003. There were no construction malls in Mari El at that time, so the store was a huge success. "Stroygrad" founders have chosen a proper niche for their business at the time, claims Svyatoslav Kuznetsov, General Director of the Builders Guild of the Mari El Republic. Today there are three "StroyGrad" stores in Yoshkar-Ola.

The company works not only with ordinary people but with the government as well. Since 2011 almost 40% of its revenues come from state orders (and more than 25% of its total contracts sum). One of its first state contracts "Stroygrad" received in March 2011. The company has supplied the FSB Air Force base, located in the Yoshkar-Ola suburbs, with air field slabs which estimated at 2.2 million rubles. Nearest production plant creating such slabs is located in Kirov.

Construction organization must obtain an exclusive admission to become a contractor for FSB or armament factory, says Svyatoslav Kuznetsov of the Mari El Builders Guild. According to him, "one or two companies," which have been tested by the FSB, have had such an admission in the Republic. However, a former employee of the FSB airbase, responsible for public procurement, claims that back in his times no special access was required for the conventional construction materials procurement.

Since 2011 "StroyGrad" have won 995 million rubles worth of state contracts, almost half of it – 483 million rubles – were provided by Mari El state institutions. Among the company typical clients are colleges, schools, area administrations, public enterprises and so on.

Three of its biggest state contracts for the last three years "StroyGrad" received for the construction of temporary detention center in Yoshkar-Ola (151.4 million rubles), a kindergarten in the Chuvash village of Sosnovka (111.4 million rubles) and the second building of the school in Volzhsk (102.3 million rubles).
Was dad helping?
In 2003, VolgaTech (Which was called Mariysk State Technological University at the time) have launched the project based on co-operation with its famous graduates, reminisces university employer. He was offered to provide funding for lecture-room maintenance which should be named after him. First of such lecture-halls was the one named after Penza region governor of the day Vasily Bochkarev. Next to follow was Mari El president Leonid Markelov, first vice chairman of the Mari Ell government Nikolay Kuklin and others; as of now, there are seven of such lecture-halls. "7x7" source insists that their maintenance was mostly carried out by "Stroygrad."

So was Romanov-Senior indeed helping his son out in business?

Evgeniy Romanov has worked in VolgaTech for 35 years. In 1978 he moved from politics towards the academic career – leaving his place as a head in Yoshkar-Ola town committee propaganda and agitation department and joining the university instead as a senior lecturer. Since 2002 he was a first vice-principal, since 2005 – principal and since 2017 – president.

VolgaTech is a serious customer, which only for the last eight years has spent 2,2 milliard rubles on supplies. There are no direct contracts between university and "Stroygrad," however, Sergey Romanov had other companies as well. For example, until 2012 he was a co-founder of "Perspektiva," which is involved in furniture manufacture. It just so happened that in 2011 "Perspectiva" has received its first state order exactly from VolgaTech - for supplying a table with two chairs which estimated at 165 thousand rubles. Its total contracts with university estimate 2.7 million rubles.

More numerous were the contracts between VolgaTech and Romanov's partners – Yaroslav Mikheev and Vladimir Filippov. Their companies "Interstroy" and "Ofis-stil" have completed repair works for the university estimated around 37 million rubles. "7x7" managed to find likely contracts for about 50 million rubles.

Romanov-senior couldn't remember if the university had any contracts with his son's companies.

Evgeny Romanov can't recall if his son's company had received any state contracts from his University
An apartment for four
In 2016 "Municipalniy scaner" project decided to discover the reasons behind why Karlovy Vary are being called Russian village. They found out that it's not quite so: it would be correct to call it a Soviet one – Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Azerbaijanians all prefer this Czech resort as much as Russians. One of the apartments in Karlovy Vary as it happened to belong to four Yoshkar-Ola citizens: Sergey Romanov, Yaroslav Mikheev, Vladimir Filippov and Svetlana Samosudova (the latter is probably Romanov sister).

One of Yoshkar-Ola businessman remembers that once it was a common thing in Yoshkar-Ola for groups of people to pool for foreign property purchase: "This is quite convenient, business partners can take turns spending their vacations there with their relatives and rent the property when it isn't being used."

It is unknown if owners still use their apartment in Karlovy Vary, but they do not share the primary business anymore. Since 2012 Sergey Romanov is a sole proprietor of "Stroygrad."

Mikheev and Filippov are still in the business as well, just on a smaller scale than "Stroygrad." Both of them declined to discuss Romanov's business.
Znamensk deputy
Sergey Romanov became a deputy of Znamensk village in 2014. Village head Pavel Amanatov says that he wasn't a frequent guest at the deputy meetings: "I haven't seen him yet during this year at our conferences. He says that his business completely occupies him". Amanatov considers that Romanov was appointed from "above," a proposal one cannot deny easily.

In Romanov's deputy declaration his income for 2017 is estimated at 2.1 million rubles, there are records of several land holdings, a house with 428 m2 of premises and a share in the very same apartment (64 m2 of living space) in Karlovy Vary. Also, business assets: shares in railroad sidetrack, warehouse, production facility, several items of construction machinery, etc.
Romanov's house is located on Otradnaya street in the Znamensk village. Pavel Amanatov says that Otradnaya is a closed territory where prosperous people reside. In the vicinity of Romanov's house on the road protected with a metal fence there are housings which, according to Rosrreestr, belongs to Vladimir Bushuev (same name as "Argus" owner's, metal doors production), Nail Shagiahmetov (Parangian "PMK-8", construction works) and Aleksandr Bodrov (FBU "Regional State center of standardization, metrology and trials in Mari El Republic").

Sergey Romanov has declined to answer "7x7" questions: "I prefer not to be written about in the press; I'm not a public man." Romanov-Senior said that his son is "A good fellow – honest, hard-working and decent," but also advised against writing about him: "The times aren't easy – you might think you're doing a good thing but who knows how it turns out in the end."

Sergey Romanov's house is located on the street protected with a metal fence
Kings of State Order. Mari El
How the ranking was made

The initial sample frame of companies was done with "SPARK-Marketing" database and included all companies, which between January 1st, 2011 and October 28th, 2018 have made 94/44-F3 contracts in that region worth over 300 million rubles. Then, the government and municipal companies were removed from the list, as well as the companies which 94/44-F3 contracts made less than a half of the sum of their total contracts (94/44-F3 and 223-F3) in that region; the companies which were in fact just branches of the major regional companies were removed as well.

The remaining companies had their owners identified with the help of both "Kontur. Fokus" and "SPARK-Interfax" databases. The companies with common owners were added to a common cluster and their contracts summed, after that the ranking was ordered by the owner. In the cases where the owner was unable to identify (which mostly took place in cases with ZAO), as an exception, a general director's name was written in the "Owner" field (all such cases are specified separately).
1st place
2nd place
3d place
4th place
5th place
6th place
7th place
8th place
9th place
10th place
11th place
12th place
13th place
14th place
15th place
Yury Vasenev
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
4 billion rubles
Medvedevskaya PMK
Yury Vasenev is 59 years old. In 2009–2014, he was a member of the Medvedev District Assembly, and a member of United Russia. Medvedevskaya PMK was formed in 1968. Vasenev headed this construction organization in 1995, and two years later he organized a production cooperative on its basis. The authorized capital of the company is formed by 150 members of the cooperative. Vasenev holds the post of chairman. He has the largest share — 11.25%.

The company has built many buildings and structures that have become the hallmark of Yoshkar-Ola: the Ice Palace and the embankment pool, the Republican art gallery (it is often compared to the Venice Doge Palace).

The largest state contract organization concluded with the Ministry of Health of Mari El in 2013 — for 354.5 million rubles. Medvedevskaya PMK turned unfinished building on the embankment of Yoshkar-Ola in a children's clinic. The contract for the construction of the second stage of the Mari State Philharmonic building in 2015 in the amount of 541 million rubles. was terminated due to the exclusion of this object from the federal program.

In 2017, the company's revenue amounted to 314 million rubles. The total amount of contracts since 2011 is 4.7 billion rubles.
Vladimir Bugay, Anatoly Umantsev
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
3.2 billion rubles
In 2016, a resident of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Bugay, and a hereditary bridge builder from Bashkortostan, Anatoly Umantsev, became the owners of the Mariiskavtodor company from Yoshkar-Ola. "Mariyskavtodor" belongs to their company "Stroyblocktekhnologiya" from Ufa. In the authorized capital of Stroybloktekhnologii, the share of Bugay is 80%, and Umantsev — 20%.

In September 2017, "Realnoye Vremya" published the Kings of Bashkiria government orders ranking. "Stroyblocktekhnologiya" with seven orders totaling 1 billion rubles ranked tenth. Anatoly Umantsev established three companies in Bashkortostan, engaged in the construction and repair of bridges, roads and buildings.

"Mariyskavtodor" is engaged in the construction and repair of federal highways in the republic. Of the 4.5 thousand kilometers of Mari El roads, only 230 km have a federal status. The largest contract of "Mariyskavtodor" is 629 million rubles, concluded in May 2018 for the maintenance of the Vyatka federal road in the territory of Mari El.

In total, the company concluded state contracts for 4.9 billion rubles. In 2017, "Mariyskavtodor"'s revenue amounted to 954 million rubles.
Hamza Bashirov
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
2.4 billion rubles
Hamza Bashirov is 71 years old. His experience in the construction industry is approaching 50 years. In 1990, he became a member of the 12th, last convocation of the Supreme Council of the Mari ASSR, and two years later headed the company "Marspetsmontazh". From 1996 to the present (during five convocations) he is a deputy of the State Assembly of Mari El. He is a member of the "United Russia".

"Marspetsmontazh" is one of the largest construction companies in Mari El. Has been leading its history since 1968. This is a multidisciplinary organization engaged in the construction of buildings and engineering communications. The controlling stake (57.61%) belongs to Hamza Bashirov, who heads the company. He manages the work of ten more companies, mainly affiliates of "Marspetsmontazh".

The company's revenue for 2017 amounted to 342 million rubles. The total amount of government contracts since 2011 is 3.6 billion rubles. The main customers of Bashirov's company are municipal administrations and republican ministries. The largest contract, for 917 million rubles, was concluded with the Ministry of Sport of Mari El for "general construction work on the construction of new other sports and recreational facilities".
Dmitry Glazyrin
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
1.9 billion rubles
Sovetskaya PMK
Dmitry Glazyrin is 47 years old. In 2014, he became a deputy of the meeting of the Soviet urban settlement (district center in Mari El). He is a member of the "United Russia". Glazyrin heads the "Sovetskaya PMK" and is one of the eight co-founders (share of each of them is 12.5%).

The history of this building organization begins in 1968. As a production cooperative "Sovetskaya PMK" was founded in 1998. It is engaged in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings.

The company received the largest state order in 2015 from the Ministry of Health of Mari El. Over 653 million rubles. It was supposed to reconstruct the Republican Perinatal Center in Yoshkar-Ola. This contract is partially executed. According to the state contract with the Ministry of Culture of Mari El, the Sovetskaya PMK participated in the construction of a new puppet theater building in Yoshkar-Ola (it looks like the Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle). Seven years ago, the company built a Sunday school, another building on the Yoshkar-Ola embankment, under a government contract with the Ministry of Education of the Republic.

There are no significant contracts outside of Mari El. In 2017, the Sovetskaya PMK did not conclude a single government contract. Revenue in 2017 — 22.7 million rubles.
Tatyana Balaban, Vladimir Balaban
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
1.2 billion rubles
Tatyana Balaban, 57, founded the Vector construction company in 2009. Almost immediately, the company was headed by her husband, Vladimir Balaban. 66-year-old Vladimir Balaban has been working in Mari El since 1974. He took part in the construction of the Yoshkar-Ola heat and power plant. In 1983 he graduated from Mari State University with a degree in economics. In the 1990s he was the general director of the construction company "Tenego". Tatyana and Vladimir several times changed the ratio of shares in the capital of "Vektor". Now Tatiana owns 71.4%, Vladimir — 28.6%.

"Vektor" is known for its participation in the program of relocation of emergency housing. The largest of them, 84 million rubles, with the management of the municipal order of the administration of Yoshkar-Ola in 2011. Revenue of "Vektor" for 2017 amounted to 31 million rubles.
Nikolay Morsin
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
1 billion rubles
Volzhsky domostroitelny kombinat
Nikolai Morsin is 58 years old. He is a resident of Tatarstan. Most of the companies belonging to him are located in Zelenodolsk (Tatarstan). Volzhsky domostroitelny kombinat (VDSK) has a residence permit in the neighboring city of Volzhsk (Mari El).

VDSK was registered in 2013 and deals with investments in securities. All government contracts are related to the sale or participation in the shared construction of apartments for the Volzhsk administration. This is mainly housing for migrants from the emergency fund.

The largest contract, of 51.8 million rubles, was concluded in 2016. In 2018, VDSK won several government contracts for the supply of apartments for orphans in Volzhsk. The company's revenue in 2017 amounted to 36.7 million rubles.
Vasily Zharkov
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.79 billion rubles
Vasily Zharkov graduated from the Mariinsky Polytechnic Institute, received the specialty of a road builder. Since 2004 he is the general director of "Medvedevoagrodorstroy". He owns 70.02% of the shares of this company.

"Medvedevoagrodorstroy" is engaged in the repair and construction of roads. The organization is the successor to the road-repair construction organization that existed since the late 1970s.

The company's revenue in 2017 amounted to 134.5 million rubles. The total amount of state contracts of "Medvedevoagrodorstroy" exceeds 800 million rubles. In June 2016, this company signed the largest contract for the repair of one of the Yoshkar-Ola streets for 51 million rubles. The customer was MUP "Gorod".
Andrey Doronin
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.66 billion rubles
Vita Company
35-year-old Andrey Doronin runs the Vita Company pharmacy chain and is the sole owner of the business. He graduated from the Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy and founded his business in Mari El four years ago.

Doronin's company is actively involved in the bidding for the supply of medicines to healthcare institutions. In total, it concluded government contracts for more than 738 million rubles. For 2017, the company's revenue exceeded 310 million rubles.
Gennady Alexandrov
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.61 billion rubles
Gennady Alexandrov, 71 years old. His career as a construction organization leader began as a foreman at the Marigrazhdanstroy trust. In 1991 he headed the company, which turned into a joint stock company. For 2015, Aleksandrov had 58.11% of "Marigrazhdanstroy". From 1996 to 2014, Alexandrov was a deputy in the State Assembly of the Republic of Mari El (four convocations). He was a member of the political council of the regional branch of "United Russia".

The trust "Marigrazhdanstroy" was founded in the early 1970s, incorporated in 1991. The company was engaged in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, was one of the largest in the country (more than two thousand employees). The largest government contracts are associated with the construction of buildings on the embankment of Malaya Kokshagha in Yoshkar-Ola in 2011. The company built the National Presidential Boarding School for gifted children for 385 million rubles.

Since March 2016, "Marigrazhdanstroy" is in the process of liquidation. Its revenue in 2017 amounted to 18.8 million rubles.
Fevzi Kerimov, Dmitry Kerimov
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.55 billion rubles
Housing Management Company
Until 2014, Fevzi Kerimov was the head of the municipality "City of Zvenigovo" — the chairman of the meeting of deputies of the city. He is 59 years old. The Crimean Tatar, a native resident of Zvenigovo, the son of a repressed Crimean Tatar, who was exported to the Mari Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1944.

The Housing Management Company is engaged in the management and operation of the housing stock. It was founded in 2009. The company is owned by Fevzi and Dmitry Kerimov (50% each). Fevzi Kerimov owns five more companies in Zvenigovo (the fourth largest city in Mari El).

The sum of contracts concluded in the state procurement system is 562.7 million rubles. The Housing Management Company executed government contracts for road repair, building renovation, and land improvement. The largest were state contracts with the city administration of Zvenigovo for the supply of apartments (participation in shared construction) for immigrants from emergency housing. The largest, in the amount of 42.5 million rubles, was concluded in 2014.

Revenue of the Housing Management Company in 2017 amounted to 128 million rubles.
Sergey Romanov
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.48 billion rubles
Stroy Grad
Sergey Romanov is 45 years old. He graduated from the Mari State Technical University with a degree in management. Romanov is the son of the former rector, and now the president of this university, deputy of the State Assembly of Mari El, United Russia party Yevgeny Romanov.

In 2002, Romanov with three partners founded Stroy Grad. The company is engaged in wholesale trade, repair and construction. In 2012, Romanov became its sole owner and leader.

Since 2011, "Stroy Grad" has concluded government contracts for almost 990 million rubles. The largest company received in 2016: the construction of a temporary detention center in Yoshkar-Ola for 151.4 million rubles, the customer is the repair and construction department of the Ministry of Interior in Mari El. Revenue in 2017 exceeded 338 million rubles.
Galina Vasilyeva, Alexey Vasilyev, Alexander Vasilyev
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0,42 млрд руб.
The founder of the Mineral company in 2001 was Vladimir Vasilyev. He is considered one of the popularizers of the use of natural stone for finishing works (ventilated tiled facades). The Cheboksary "Mineral" is known in Mari El since the improvement of the Malaya Kokshagha embankment in Yoshkar-Ola. But the first work was the ventilated facade of the Mari El Government House. In 2007, in an interview with Chuvash journalists, Vasilyev said: "We carry out two thirds of orders in Mari El, but we pay taxes in our own republic."

After the death of Vladimir Vasilyev in 2012, the business passed on to members of his family. Galina Vasilyeva owns 66.67%, while Alexey and Alexander Vasilyevs own 16.67% each.

The total amount of state contracts of the company since 2011 — 516 million rubles. The largest government contract, with the Ministry of Construction of Mari El, was concluded in 2012. For 228.4 million rubles the company built the area of the Virgin Mary square with a fountain in Yoshkar-Ola. It is now one of the main tourist attractions of the capital of Mari El. The company took part in the work on the replacement of cast-iron fencing with granite blocks on the embankment in Yoshkar-Ola. It also worked on laying granite tiles instead of asphalt and paving near the house of the government of Mari El and on Obolensky-Nogotkov Square.

"Mineral: concluded the last government contracts in Mari El in 2015. In 2016, "Mineral" did not participate in the bidding; in 2017 and 2018, it concluded contracts in Chuvashia for 396 thousand and 124 thousand rubles. The company's revenue in 2017 amounted to 46.8 million rubles.
Yulia Shirobokova
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.41 billion rubles
This is the only company of Yulia Shirobokova. It is registered in 2011 and specializes in pharmaceutical products. In total, the company concluded government contracts for 571.3 million rubles. The largest of them: the supply of medical products to the Center for Traumatology, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery (Kirov) for 9.9 million rubles and rental of medical equipment for the needs of the Morkinskaya CDH (Mari El) for 5.8 million rubles. "Yantar"'s revenue last year exceeded 51 million rubles.
Ekaterina Mutalieva
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.39 billion rubles
Kazansky Posad
33-year-old Ekaterina Mutaliyeva is a 100% owner of one of the youngest construction companies in Mari El, "Kazansky Posad". The company is headed by Ruslan Mutaliev.

"Kazansky Posad" takes part in the auction in the system of public procurement since 2014, and in total concluded contracts for 1 billion rubles. Large government contracts, as a rule, are associated with the construction of housing for federal budget programs (relocation from emergency housing). In 2018, "Kazansky Posad" concluded two of its largest contracts with the administration of Yoshkar-Ola. The company will build kindergartens in the neighborhoods Integral and Vostochny for 155 million rubles each. The revenue of "Kazansky Posad" for 2017 is 180.8 million rubles.
Elena Samuseva, Evgeny Yakovlev
Amount of government orders in Mari El:
0.36 billion rubles
Mari Heating Network Company
Nizhny Novgorod rezidents Elena Samuseva and Evgeny Yakovlev became co-owners of the Mari Heating Network company in May 2017, when 100% of this heat generating organization was transferred to the management of the Prospect firm from Nizhny Novgorod. "Prospect" was owned by another Nizhny Novgorod company, "Investcontract". Samuseva and Yakovlev are listed as founders of this company, the proportion of shares is 60% and 40%, respectively.

It is curious that in July 2017, the main owners of the Yoshkar-Ola power grid company were Nizhny Novgorod rezidents with the same last names, but other first names — Vasily Samusev and Elvira Yakovleva (their shares in the authorized capital are 48% and 32%, respectively). Yakovleva is a former director of the Nizhny Novgorod company "Prospect". Vasily Samusev is 48 years old. In the past, he is the CEO and owner of the Nizhny Novgorod Energy Company.

Mari Heating Network Company exists since 2012. It provides utilities (production, transmission and distribution of steam and hot water, air conditioning). The total amount of state contracts is 388.9 million rubles. The largest of them are related to the supply of thermal energy (heating) to the Volga city central hospital (Mari El). The amounts of these contracts: from 11 million rubles in early 2013 to 17.5 million rubles at the end of 2016. In 2017, the company's revenue amounted to 468.7 million rubles.
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