Pills, blood, and cutlets
How Mikhail Zykin of Kirov have earned billions
on food and medicines
46-year-old Mikhail Zykin from Kirov built his business on state orders. Laboratory researches, supplies of medicine, medical equipment, and hot food in 15 years have brought more than 5.2 billion rubles only to Zykin's major companies, and to every company associated with him – not less than 7.7 billion rubles. Mikhail Zykin is taking second place in "7x7" "Kings of state orders" regional ranking.
1.2 billion rubles on pills
"Mezhregionmedsnab" firm was founded in Kirov by 2002. According to the "SPARK-Interfax" database, its first co-owner was Valery Krepostnov – at the time also a general director of major agricultural holding "Doronichi". Krepostnov is a famous person in Kirov region – he is a businessman, worked for the government and regional parliament, he is called a patron of arts and oligarch and currently, he is a deputy of Kirov city council. "Mezhregionmedsnab" company was involved in medical supplies and pharmaceutics trade.

In September 2002 Eduard Vaskin became the company director and after a month since that – Mikhail Zykin. In the next five years they appear between the ever-changing co-owners of "Mezhregionmedsnab", and in 2007 Mikhail Zykin becomes its sole proprietor.
In 2006 Valey Krepostnov went into politics and became the deputy of Kirov region assembly. A year after the acting governor of that time Nikolay Shaklein have assigned him as a First Deputy Prime Minister. Krepostnov served as prime minister until 2009, curating the state orders among other things.

And this was the time when according to the "SPARK-Interfax" "Mezhregionsnab" has received its first state orders. At first, those were the small contracts, their total number for the 2008-2009 period estimating at 10,7 million rubles. The company supplied medical equipment for "Rosplasm", medicines for Federal Penitentiary Service direction and regional medical university. But in 2010-2011 years the orders have risen significantly – up to 170 million rubles, and the customer's list has expanded as well, now including regional hospitals and Kirov's medical establishments. There was a scandal connected with one of these orders. How it was written in 2008 by "Vyatskiy Nablyudatel" newspaper, authorities have run a search in the office of "Labdia" firm, a "Mezhregionmedsnab" competitor in an auction for hematological analyzers supply to the regional hospital. Police wanted to seal up and confiscate the company belongings, especially computers. As it was told to "Vyatskiy Nablyudatel" by "Labdia" director Anton Charushin, he called the investigator, which supposedly signed the search warrant only to find out that he never issued the paper in question, meaning the document was forged.

Anton Charushin has concluded that only the upcoming auction for the equipment supply to the Kirov Regional Clinical Hospital may be the reason. Without the confiscated property, it would have been impossible to apply for an auction, as the deadline for submission of documents expired in the morning of the next day. And in this case, the only participant of the auction would be Mezhregionmedsnab, also engaged in the medical equipment supply," the publication says. "Labdia had won the tender but the supplier in Moscow refused to sell the equipment. The source of "7x7", which is close to "Labdia", said that the delivery of three devices came from three manufacturers. All of them have made commercial proposals. But one of the companies refused to sell the device to "Labdia".

— There are three different devices, they ["Labdia"] had to deliver all of them, otherwise, the contract would have been canceled and they would have paid the big penalties. And after that, the auction is reannounced. I think that's what it was all about. Delivery would be provided by a second supplier who participated in the competition. As far as I know, "Labdia" contacted the German brand directly, bypassing Moscow, and they managed to agree on the delivery of the device.

"Labdia" refused to make any official commentary.

"Mezhregionmedsnab" was closed down in 2014. During its existence, the company has earned about 180 million rubles on the state orders.

Valery Krepostnov ( in the center) disappeared from the list of founders of Mikhail Zykin's company, but stayed on his Facebook
But it was only the beginning: other Zykin companies have received far more from medical supplies in the same period - from 2008 to 2014. For example, "Medopt" company was selling medicines to hospitals ( totaling 467 mln rubles), "Diapost" - medical products (107 mln rubles), "Medsnabservis" - medical instruments and accessories (44.3 mln rubles), "Medpostavis-R" - consumables, tests, tools and reagents (152.8 mln rubles), "Medsnabservis" - medical instruments and accessories (44.3 mln rubles). - medical equipment (60.3 mln rubles), "Delivery med" - medical equipment and products (83.2 mln rubles), "Medcontrol"- consumables and reagents (61.1mln rubles).
In most of these companies, Zykin was the main owner at the time of receiving government contracts, in some, after being the owner, he was giving up his place to partners.

The total amount of all government contracts received by these companies was 1.2 billion rubles.

One can assume that Zykin and Krepostnov are still in contact. Some Zykin's and his partners' organizations have a common address with agroholding "Doronichi", as well as with the other assets attributed to Krepostnov (developer "Zhelezno", "Pervaya gazeta"). On Zykin's Facebook page Krestnov is represented on at least one festive photo.

Mikhail Zykin
Photo from Facebook page of Elena Kovaleva, the head of Kirov
2.5 billion rubles for analysis
Nowadays Zykin's largest "medical" asset is the network of private medical clinics "Light". It was founded in 2005 and was known as the "Center Light", and now the legal entity is renamed the "Centralized Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory" (CCDL). The first owners of it were Edward Vaskin and Mikhail Zykin. The company's website says that it has started working as a part of OOO "Mezhregionmedsnab".

Originally it was a medical laboratory, where doctors were also receiving patients. Through the years, the range of work was expanding, the center could do more work and research. It could move to more spacious premises and buy new equipment. Since 2008, the laboratory has been opening new branches in the region's districts, providing offices for specialists. A new "Light" polyclinic and a central laboratory were opened in Kirov in 2013. It was a big expansion: 30 doctors and 5,000 tests per day on average.

Over the 2011-2018 period (no earlier data is available), "Light" concluded state contracts for 2.5 billion rubles. (and the company "Doctor Light", which was separated from it,) also won another 26 million rubles. This money was paid for diagnostics, services of specialized medical centers, laboratory tests, examinations, medical examinations for enterprises.

Among the clients are primarily district hospitals and regional and departmental medical institutions, but there is also Gorelektroset, Kirov City Council, "T-Plus".

Zykin managed to set up his lab for the flow of public money. In 2010, the Healthcare Department of Kirov region decided to outsource laboratory testing services - some institutions lacked or did not have the necessary equipment. First, the regional clinical hospital was doing it, and then "Light" started doing the tests.

According to the Control and Accounts Chamber of the Kirov region, the research was conducted in approximately equal shares in the period of 2013-2014: the regional clinical hospital made 44%, "Light" made 43%. By 2015, the number of individuals who provided these services increased to 30, but most of the work was given to "Light" (Belokholunitskaya, Nagorskaya, Verkhnekamskaya, Omutninskaya, Afanasievskaya, Slobodskaya district hospitals). As a result, some laboratory equipment in local hospitals has remained unneeded - it was leased out to "Light" or preserved (or written off).

Health officials praised the outsourcing project. Elena Utemova, who was then the Regional Health Minister, said that both doctors and patients had benefited from this project. In 2016, a tender for a service provider was announced again, with the contract value exceeding 100 million rubles. It was won by "Light" again. When the government in Kirov region changed after the arrest of Governor Nikita Belykh, outsourcing (and not only in terms of laboratory research) became much more restrained - for example, ambulance services were made public again. Dmitry Kurdyumov, a doctor, secretary of the Public Chamber and then deputy chairman of the government responsible for the social block, said this about the laboratory tests:
— As for the outsourcing of laboratory services, there is no competition here, there are only two key players — "Light" and the regional hospital, but we still treat its development with caution. And we do our best to make sure that the regional clinical hospital is developing in this direction and that there can be competition. If competition arises and the situation with the outsourcing of laboratory services becomes economically advantageous for us, we will have a positive attitude towards it.
Apparently, the positive attitude to the outsourcing of laboratory services prevailed, because, over the past two years, "CenterLight" has been receiving state contracts to carry out tests from district hospitals. And also Mikhail Zykin is a friend of Dmitry Kurdyumov on Facebook.

Out of the interviewed by "7x7" chief physicians, only Oleksandr Semenchenko from the Orychivka District Hospital knows about Zykin. He said that the hospital had worked with Zykin in the 2000s, and he couldn't say much about Zykin other than that he was a reliable supplier. Now they're only cooperating on laboratory research outsourcing.

Zykin's rival claims that until the laboratory tests were officially outsourced, Light had been making agreements on it directly with doctors. Similar information was published in 2009 by the "Vyatskiy nablyudatel" newspaper, and in 2010 by the "Precedent" newspaper. The essence of the case is the following. In 2008, a woman from Kirov was undergoing treatment at the city hospital. She had to purchase the medicine herself, and the doctor also sent her for a paid checkup at "Light". The name, surname and number of the doctor were allegedly given in the direction, the same data were in the sales receipts for the clinic's services. However, the hospital did not conclude a contract for paid services with the patient, and the results of the examination were included in the medical history without any indication that the patient had paid for it himself.

A woman was diagnosed with diabetes, but she could not get pharmaceuticals at preferential rates - the regional budget did not have enough money to buy it. The prosecutor's office took an interest in the story and sued it, and that's where it came out. In June 2010, the "Precedent" wrote that the court granted the prosecutor's claim for reimbursement of the money for medicines (but not for a paid screening in "Light").
4 billion rubles on food
Firms owned by Mikhail Zykin or connected with him, began to engage in this type of business in the period of 2009-2011.

In the sphere of public catering the businessman has another founding partner - Gennady Yakovenko. There are three main assets: "Zdorovoe pitanye" (1.4 billion rubles under government contracts), "Stolovaya No. 1" (1.8 billion rubles) and "Tehnologiya dieticheskogo pitaniya" (820.2 million rubles).

"Zdorovoe pitanye" and "Stolovaya No. 1" supply food and nutrition to municipal and regional hospitals, hospices, homes for the disabled and the elderly, dispensaries, police stations, temporary holding facilities, etc. In the presentation of these companies (you can download it here) it is said that they have more than 80 clients-organizations and they provide daily hot meals to more than 13000 people.

As in the previous case - with medical research - Zykin filled the niche just in time. Since 2012, Kirov regional medical institutions have started to outsource meals. At that time, the idea of outsourcing was praised by Dmitry Kurdyumov, chief physician of Kirov Oblast Hospital No. 3 (later - the secretary of the Public Chamber and deputy chairman of the government), Irina Morozova, chief physician of Kirov City Hospital No. 3 (deputy of the Saksobraniya region), and Andrey Chernyaev, head of the Association of Medical Workers of Kirov Oblast (later - the Minister of Health of the region).

Director of the Kirovo-Chepetsk boarding school for the elderly and disabled Igor Nekhoroshev told "7x7" that he has been cooperating with "Stolovaya No. 1" in outsourcing since 2012, but he did not contact Mikhail Zykin, only Gennady Yakovenko.
— They went into the market with a canteen in the regional hospital, and then they moved on. For a year they provided services there and then expanded their activities to other institutions. Before that, we had our own chef staff. Our institution was the first to be outsourced from the social services system.
Another major asset is "Tehnologiya dieticheskogo pitaniya". Unlike the two other companies where Zykin is the main owner, this company is registered to Szczepina Ekaterina Mikhailowna. Probably, she is the daughter of Mikhail Zykin, who changed her name after marriage. Ekaterina Shchepina and Ekaterina Zykina have the same patronymic - Mikhailovna - and the same INN. On Zykin's Facebook there are photos of Ekaterina from the day of her wedding, on which she is depicted with a young man named Alexei Shchepin. The company is engaged in the food supply to medical institutions of the region. But it has customers who are not connected with medicine. For example, in 2014, it was the regional migration service department, and in 2015 and 2016, the regional government administration.

Marina Milyutina, who is in charge of public procurement at the Verkhneshizhemskaya Hospital, said that she does not know Zykin in person. According to her, tenders for supply are quite competitive, and it's impossible to say that "Stolovaya No. 1" wins them regularly.
— Every time everything is different. Sometimes the same [companies] come out, some new ones appear, or only new ones come out. In some cases, old ones come out, but new ones outperform them, dump them. This is a lottery every time. It is so common in all hospitals, the environment is competitive, and that is why it is created.

But the analysis of public procurement in the catering industry, in which firms associated with Mikhail Zykin participated, shows that his companies often compete with each other. Thus, between 2014 and 2017, "Stolovaya No. 1" won in 42 auctions, where its competitors were the aforementioned "Zdorovoe pitanye" and "Tehnologiya dieticheskogo pitaniya", as well as "Vyatkaekopit" (registered on the name of Ekaterina Shchepina) and "Vyatkadietservis" (registered at the same address as OOO "Vkus", the founder of which Sergey Volkov was the director of "Vyatkaekopit" in 2017). Over the same period of time, "Zdorovoe pitanye" won 63 contracts where it competed with the same firms. "Tehnologiya dieticheskogo pitaniya" - 18 contracts (there is also a pocket competitor - "Medopt", founded by Mikhail Zykin). Vyatkadietservis has five such contracts, Vyatkaekopit has two. One of the participating firms, "Business-Food" from Chelyabinsk, suspected violations of the auction. She complained to the Kirov office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service about the purchase announced in 2016 by the Kirov Oblast Children's Hospital for the medical nutrition supply. One of the reasons for the complaint was the fact that the companies, which have the same person on the list of founders - Gennadiy Yakovenko - took part in the competition ("Tehnologiya dieticheskogo pitaniya" and "Stolovaya No. 1"). The first part of the complaint (about the criteria for selecting the bidders) was considered to be unreasonable by the Federal Antimonopoly Service, and the materials about the same founder wanted to be considered separately to decide whether to initiate an administrative case. The date of the meeting was set, but its outcome is unknown. The request "7x7" to the FAS at the time of publication remained unanswered.
Unanswered queries
The "7x7" editorial team asked Mikhail Zykin to tell us about his business or at least to confirm the facts stated in this article (the list of questions was attached). But Zykin's representative explained that this is possible only if the article is approved by the company. Gennady Yakovenko also refused to comment. "7x7" was not able to contact Eduard Vaskin and Valery Krepostnov.
Kings of State Order. Kirov region
How the ranking was made

The initial sample frame of companies was done with "SPARK-Marketing" database and included all companies, which between January 1st, 2011 and October 28th, 2018 have made 94/44-F3 contracts in that region worth over 300 million rubles. Then, the government and municipal companies were removed from the list, as well as the companies which 94/44-F3 contracts made less than a half of the sum of their total contracts (94/44-F3 and 223-F3) in that region; the companies which were in fact just branches of the major regional companies were removed as well.

The remaining companies had their owners identified with the help of both "Kontur. Fokus" and "SPARK-Interfax" databases. The companies with common owners were added to a common cluster and their contracts summed, after that the ranking was ordered by the owner. In the cases where the owner was unable to identify (which mostly took place in cases with ZAO), as an exception, a general director's name was written in the "Owner" field (all such cases are specified separately).
1st place
2nd place
3d place
4th place
5th place
6th place
7th place
8th place
9th place
10th place
Bagama Jamalutdinov
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region::
7.2 billion rubles

59-year-old Bagama Jamalutdinov is the owner of the company SU-43, which is engaged in the construction and repair of roads. He was born in Dagestan, then moved to the Kirov region and in 1983 he began working as a commodities expert at the Belka fur factory. In 1994, Jamalutdinov became director of logistics, worked in office for ten years, and then went to the civil service — first became head of the Road Committee of the Kirov region, and then headed a similar department. In 2008, he ceased to be an official, returned to the factory and, since 2010, has headed it. In 2011–2016, Jamalutdinov was a member of the Communist Party's Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region, he was involved in road construction. The media, studying the declarations of Jamalutdinov, have repeatedly called him one of the richest members of parliament.

The company "SU-43" was registered in 2007 and is engaged in the construction and repair of roads. Jamalutdinov owns 100% of the company. The largest contract — 1.2 billion rubles — was concluded in 2018 for the maintenance of the Vyatka highway with the Federal Highway Administration Prikamye. The total amount of state contracts is 9.4 billion rubles. Revenue for 2017 — 1.7 billion rubles.
Mikhail Zykin
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
5.2 billion rubles
Centralized Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory, Stolovaya №1, Technology of dietary nutrition, Zdorovoye pitaniye
Mikhail Zykin is 46 years old. He grew up and studied in Kirov. Zykin is the owner of several large supplier companies in the field of medicine and public catering. In the top 10, only state orders of companies included in the list of recipients up to 300 million rubles are taken into account. In fact, the package of contracts for Zykina firms is much more — about 7.7 billion rubles.

The Centralized Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory appeared in 2005. Today it is a network of private clinics operating under the "Light" brand. Zykin owns 94% of the company. The total amount of state contracts is 2.5 billion rubles. This money was paid for diagnostics, services of specialized treatment centers, laboratory tests, examinations, medical examinations for enterprises. Revenue in 2017 — 503 million rubles. The largest contract is with the Kirov Clinical Diagnostic Center for laboratory tests; contract price — 263.6 million rubles.

In 2009–2011, Zykin established several catering companies: "Stolovaya №1" (Zykin's share — 67.5%), "Zdorovoye pitaniye" (Zykin's share — 67.5%), "Technology of dietary nutrition" (100%). Ekaterina Schepina, allegedly — daughter of Zykin). These companies supply food to public institutions — schools, hospitals, kindergartens, boarding schools, police departments. The total amount of contracts — 4 billion rubles. Total revenue for 2017 — 801 million rubles.
Sergey Kochurov
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
2.9 billion rubles
Kirovo-Chepetsk construction department (KChUS)
The head of the construction company "KChUS", 65-year-old Sergey Kochurov, is from the Nolinsky district of the Kirov region. His whole life is connected with this enterprise, existing since 1964. He began working in the company after the army — in 1977 as a master of the site. In 1994, the KChUS was privatized. Kochurov since 2003 is the general director of the company and officially owns 29.55% of the company's shares. His son Andrey is a member of the board of directors of the KChUS (share — 0.34%) and is the head of the KChUS. Other co-owners of the company include Galina Cherepanova (25.06%), Denis Mukhachev (15.75%), Alexander Marchuk (13.95%) and Vasily Mansurov (13.94%).

The holding includes 23 independent enterprises. KChUS supplies heat, sand, builds heating and water pipelines, residential houses, schools, health complexes, first-aid and obstetric centers, industrial parks, repairs public institutions. The total amount of state contracts of the KChUS is 3.2 billion rubles. Revenue for 2017 — 1.3 billion rubles. The company received the largest state order in 2017 from the Kirov administration for the purchase of non-residential premises, the cost of the contract — 593.5 million rubles.
Victor Ryabenko
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
1.8 billion rubles
Victor Ryabenko was born in Kazakhstan in the city of Leninsk in 1974. He graduated from the Vyatka Pedagogical University with a degree in philology (later he received two more higher educations — in finance and in public administration). Since 1996, he worked at First Dotransbank as a cashier, an economist at the Securities Department. In 2001, he started working in Kirovenergo and became the head of the planning and economic department there. In 2003, he moved to "Kommunenergo" — to the position of deputy general director for financial matters. Eight years later, he headed the company. Ryabenko through the company "Prof-Invest" owns 96.79% of "Kommunenergo". Included in the Public Chamber of the Kirov region. "Kommunenergo" was established by the state in 1976, in 1994 became a joint-stock company. Kommunenergo provides electricity transmission to consumers and serves outdoor lighting lines in 44 settlements of the Kirov Region, in five districts it produces and sells heat energy to the population and enterprises. The total amount of government contracts of the company is 1.9 billion rubles. The company's revenue for 2017 is 1.6 billion rubles.
Sergey Kiselev
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
1.6 billion rubles
The head of the Dvizhenie-Nefteprodukt holding, which includes "Chepetsknefteprodukt", Sergey Kiselev was born in the village of Yurya in the Kirov region in 1959. He studied at the Kirov Polytechnic Institute as an electrical engineer and during his studies worked as an electrician. After graduation, Kiselev replaced several enterprises where he worked by occupation. In 1989-1990, he opened the editing and advertising agency in Kirovo-Chepetsk. A little later, Kiselev created the Dvizhenie company, which laid the foundation for his oil business. As a result, "Dvizhenie" turned into a fuel holding "Dvizhenie-Nefteprodukt" with the base enterprise "Chepetsknefteprodukt" established in 1994. Kiselev has 97.2% of "Chepetsknefteprodukt". Kiselev is also co-owner of Kirovpassazhiravtotrans and Kirov Cold Storage Plant.

In 2016, Kiselev went into politics, becoming a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region, a member of the United Russia faction. In 2018, investigative actions took place at the offices of the Dvizhenie holding company. Sergey Kiselev is suspected of tax evasion. A criminal case was initiated against him. Now in the Kirov region there are 77 petrol stations of "Dvizheniye", there are also in other regions — in the Nizhny Novgorod region (three stations), Vologda (two stations), Kostroma (one station) regions and in the Komi Republic (four stations). The total amount of government orders for "Chepetsknefteprodukt" is 1.9 billion rubles, the largest is the supply of petroleum products to the Kirov ambulance station for 33.5 million rubles. Revenue for 2017 — 7.5 billion rubles.
Alexey Mironov, Pavel Mironov, Nikita Mironov
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
1.2 billion rubles
"Kirovspetsmontazh" is a large Kirov construction company, owned by the dynasty of builders Mironovs. The general director of the company and its most famous owner (1.18%) is 70-year-old Alexey Mironov. He was born in Ulyanovsk, and then with his family moved to the Kursk region, where he graduated from a technical college. After that, Mironov worked on the construction of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant, then there was the army, returning to the automobile plant. In the 1970s, he graduated from the Ukhta Industrial Institute, in 1973, as a promising employee, he was sent to Kirov. Here he worked as an engineer and head of several state-owned construction enterprises. In 1991, the state enterprise "Kirovspetsmontazh", subordinated to the USSR Ministry of Installation and Special Construction, was privatized. It was headed by Mironov. When industrial construction increased, "Kirovspetsmontazh" switched to civil engineering. In the portfolio of orders appeared houses, cottages, garage complexes, trade pavilions, offices, banks.

Alexey Mironov said that he was retiring and handing them over to the next generation, sons Nikita and Pavel. Now they own 49.41% of the company.

Kirovspetsmontazh occupies about 20% of the housing construction market in Kirov, erecting entire neighborhoods. The portfolio of government orders — 1.3 billion rubles. The largest is the construction of a school in the microdistrict Chistye Prudy in Kirov for 576.3 million rubles. Revenue for 2017 — 834.6 million rubles.
Tatyana Golovenkina
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
1.2 billion rubles
The Alfa-Stroy construction company, established in 2002, is owned by Tatyana Golovenkina (she has 100% shares). "Alfa-Story" is engaged in the construction of both commercial housing and social housing under government contracts: kindergartens, homes for immigrants, and additions to schools. The company is trying to receive government orders in other regions. "Alfa-Story" received a total of 1.4 billion rubles in government orders. The largest of them — for the construction of a house in the Dolgushino microdistrict in Kirov in 2015 — 378 million rubles. Revenue for 2017 — 254.2 million rubles.
Natalya Shilova
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
0.78 billion rubles
The only owner of "Vyatkadietservice" is Natalya Shilova. The organization was registered in 2011 and is engaged in the supply of food. She has been delivering food to hospitals in Kirov and the region and social institutions since 2013. The company received the largest contract in 2012, when it supplied food to the Bekhterev Regional Psychiatric Hospital for the sum of 82.1 million rubles. Revenues in 2017 amounted to 46.9 million rubles.
Igor Nosov
Amount of government orders in the Kirov region:
0.62 billion rubles
The CEO and sole owner of "Universalstroy" is Igor Nosov. His company builds houses for people from dilapidated housing (mainly in the Omutninsky district) and repairs public institutions — the buildings of the prosecutor's office, museums, and hospitals.

Since 2011, "Universalstroy" has received 635.7 million rubles on government contracts. The record contract — the reconstruction of sewage treatment plants in the city of Luza in the Kirov region for 113.5 million rubles. Revenue for 2017 — 43 million rubles.
Yury Yurchenko
Amount of government orders:
0.59 billion rubles
Yury Yurchenko is a 47-year-old native of the village of Novoselovka, Lugansk region in Ukraine. He owns 50% of "ABZ-Orichi", one of the major road contractors in the Kirov region. Among the founders of the company there are two organizations (25% each) — "DST" and "Project". One of the co-owners of the first is a native of the Kirov region, Alexey Veprev (50%) — the former head of the Gordormostroy company owned by the Kirov mayor's office, which performs most of the repair work on the roads in Kirov. He left the GDMS in February 2018, the company "DST" was registered in September of the same year. The second co-owner is Dmitry Krivoshein. The owners of the Project are Igor Redkin (34%), Oleg Ovchinnikov and Sergey Ovchinnikov (33% each).

ABZ-Orici was registered in 2006, engaged in the repair and maintenance of roads. The company began to receive government contracts in 2017 from the administrations of Kirov, Kirovo-Chepetsk, the road committee of the region. In 2018, "ABZ-Orichi" concluded contracts with the administrations of several districts of the region, was a subcontractor with the regional "Vyatavtodor" and supplied services to the federal administration of the Prikamye motor roads. In 2018, "ABZ-Orichi" won a contract for the maintenance of roads in Kirov. The competitor in the auction was Vytavtodor. But the authorities did not enter into a contract with the company, citing formal grounds. Yurchenko believed that this was due to the desire of the authorities to give the contract to "Vytavtodor". "ABZ-Orichi" complained to the anti-monopoly service, the FAS Directorate in the Kirov region recognized its complaint to be well-founded.

The total amount of "ABZ-Orichi" contracts is 867.3 million rubles, the largest is for the repair of roads in the Verkoshishy district of the region (151.4 million rubles). Revenue for 2017 — 256.3 million rubles.
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